Image Celebrity beauty guru launches treatment that claims to give you Kate-worthy cheekbones | Daily Mail Online

Celebrity beauty guru launches treatment that claims to give you Kate-worthy cheekbones | Daily Mail Online

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Based in London, Dr Nirdosh (voir ici) specialises in cosmetics, beauty, and healthcare surgery. Dr Nirdosh is able to support people with a range of treatments, from anti-aging to weight loss and hair loss. Skin and hormone treatments are a small number of things she has authored newspaper columns and books about.

Treatments for Hair

She offers a range of products that are enriched with minerals and vitamins. These not just smooth hair, but also rejuvenate it. Dr Nirdosh's hair treatment plan incorporates treatment shampoo and conditioner. Hair treatment is just one kind of therapy supplied in her practice.

Supplements play a major role in her beauty and cosmetic healthcare strategies. Dr Nirdosh prescribes supplements to patients and clients who are not ready for (and who are wary of) undergoing surgical treatments. Different treatments are offered to each of Dr Nirdosh's patients in accordance to their individual needs, be they weight or skin-aging related. She uses health supplements to increase the level of nutrition in clinic-patients' bodies.

Along with offering anti-aging solutions, Dr Nirdosh takes care of a number of other skin-care related problems. A thorough procedure for skin-care is provided by Nirdosh. It is composed of treatments for wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin and the supply of moisturisers and serums. Dr Nirdosh conducts facials, eye treatments and assorted healthcare and beauty treatments for patients and clients who visit her clinics. Complete skin-care treatments have allowed her to provideexclusive and comprehensive solutions for customers visiting her clinics.

Pioneer and Developer of Anti-Aging Treatment

Dr Nirdosh is a leader in the subject of anti-aging. She has been the subject of negative feedback as a result of her earlier work. Nevertheless, these days, her work is widely appraised and adopted by just about everyone in society. Dr Nirdosh has unlocked the hidden formulas of the human body and shares them in her publications. The doctor has created a pill for women who decide to waive surgery due to the various complications that can arise.